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I've always had grandiose plans for a personal website that have never come to fruition. Instead my creative energy goes into work or fanciful things like writing stories for an audience of one.

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Prioritizing The Grind

February 1st 2024

It really is easy to let the day-to-day grind get away from you. I think I have a few simple rules that help me make decisions about daily events quickly and maintain the values I like to think bleed through for the team to stay engaged and happy.

Play The Long Game

June 5th 2023

Manage people, not productivity. There are so many that have their priorities completely backward when it comes to the leading a team.

Expect No Loyalty

February 6th 2023

Do not be loyal to any employer. They do nothing to earn it, they have none for you. Companies talk about people being their most important asset, but this is only true while they have no choice. Do what you need to take care of yourself, your career, and your family. Leapfrog your way through your career and feel no guilt.


About Me

I'm pretty good at my three C's: cars, computers, and canines. I have been an ASE Parts Specialist so no mechanic can cheat me. I have been tinkering with computer hardware and programming since the early 90's. I also spent a few years learning about canine behavior including six months of direct work with a senior trainer - I did this more for personal learning than starting a business, but I'm certainly open to such things.

I have a Github profile for you to check out, and my work history over on LinkedIn.

Made in California.