Shane is me

I've always had grandiose plans for a personal website that have never come to fruition. Instead my creative energy goes into work or fanciful things like writing stories for an audience of one.

Latest Posts

Implementation Details: Part One

January 16th 2019

A multi-part series. Getting set up with Gatsby and hosted on Firebase.

What Dad Does

January 11th 2019

Explain coding and computers to a three year old.

Hello World

January 10th 2019

Can someone write more if they make it harder on themselves?


Something about me: I'm pretty good at my three C's: Cars, Computers, and Canines. I have been an ASE Parts Specialist (P1, P2, and P4) so no mechanic can cheat me. I have been tinkering with Computer hardware and programming since the early 90's. I also spent a few years learning about Canine behavior including six months of direct work with a senior trainer - I did this more for personal learning than starting a business, but I'm certainly open to such things.

I have a Github profile for you to check out, my work history over on LinkedIn, and if you'd like to see me unfiltered have at it.