Shane is me

I've always had grandiose plans for a personal website that have never come to fruition. Instead my creative energy goes into work or fanciful things like writing stories for an audience of one.

Latest Posts

A Thousand Feet Back

April 20th 2022

It can be helpful to give your team a performance review every few months. If you put the effort in, you will see just how quickly all things on your team move in a positive direction.

On Repetition

February 17th 2022

Repeating things a lot was not something I expected to be a thing as a manager.

Management Owns Burnout

October 14th 2021

If the team you manage is spinning out of control due to burnout, it is your fault. What do we do now?

Gentle Onboarding

September 23rd 2021

A few things I like to do for new team members.

Making Technical Interviews Real

August 12th 2021

Some small rules to make your technical interviews stand out and be enjoyed by everyone involved.

So That Happened

July 14th 2021

I do not think we can handle any more, thank you.

On Going Remote

November 16th 2019

Some thoughts about working fully remote.

Inanimate Objects

April 24th 2019

A short story involving some furniture.

Implementation Details: Part Two

February 27th 2019

Getting a blog working in Gatsby

Implementation Details: Part One

January 16th 2019

Getting set up with Gatsby and hosted on Firebase.

What Dad Does

January 11th 2019

Explain coding and computers to a three year old.

Hello World

January 10th 2019

Can someone write more if they make it harder on themselves?


I'm pretty good at my three C's: cars, computers, and canines. I have been an ASE Parts Specialist so no mechanic can cheat me. I have been tinkering with computer hardware and programming since the early 90's. I also spent a few years learning about canine behavior including six months of direct work with a senior trainer - I did this more for personal learning than starting a business, but I'm certainly open to such things.

I have a Github profile for you to check out, my work history over on LinkedIn, and if you'd like to see me unfiltered have at it.