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Soft Skills Are The Hard Part

November 8th 2022

When I hear the term "soft skills" I generally get a bit triggered. Many times these skills are ignored, dismissed, or even mocked, especially in software and engineering circles. Not only do I consider them harder, but more important than the so-called "hard skills".

What Dad Does Now

July 20th 2022

Explaining what it feels like to be engineering manager to a six year old, and I think to myself. It involves many unglamorous and difficult things that need to be done no matter what and no matter when.

A Thousand Feet Back

April 20th 2022

It can be helpful to give your team a performance review every few months. If you put the effort in, you will see just how quickly all things on your team move in a positive direction.

On Repetition

February 17th 2022

Repeating things a lot was not something I expected to be a thing as a manager.

Management Owns Burnout

October 14th 2021

If the team you manage is spinning out of control due to burnout, it is your fault. What do we do now?

Gentle Onboarding

September 23rd 2021

A few things I like to do for new team members.

Making Technical Interviews Real

August 12th 2021

Some small rules to make your technical interviews stand out and be enjoyed by everyone involved.

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