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January 10, 2019

I believe I created my first personal website on Geocities perhaps around 1995. The usefulness of my personal site to the whole of humanity has always been quite moot. I would like to change this in some very small and insignificant way.

I have been a full time webmaster, or Front End Developer, or UI/UX Engineer, or Front End Engineer for much more than a decade now, part time much longer than that, and I believe I have something to say and possibly impart some pieces of wisdom along the way accidentally if I may be so pretentious.

Thanks to Gatsby, I've revamped my personal site to be a custom made super fast blog, but one without a single focus. My goal is to sometimes tell stories about real world coding struggles and triumphs, sometimes tell fictions in short form, and possibly sometimes talk about my personal life as it relates to things that are relatable to someone other than me. I also can appreciate that keeping these thoughts written in a space that is controlled only by myself is appealing.

I promised myself that I would write more often, if even to no one at all. Maybe this public, yet hidden, space will help motivate. So here it goes...

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