Shane is me

I'm all consulting

I've been building websites for over twenty years now. I've worked in just about every type of organization that builds websites: freelance, agencies, marketing departments, product engineering.

I can bring just about any size project across the finish line by myself, or by bringing in as many of my large network of contemporaries that are needed.

Lately I have refactored massive front end applications into React and GraphQL. I've helped to move a website to a new host, domains to a new registrar, and cleaned up the mess that was their DNS settings. I've moved a business to a new WordPress theme, taught them how to use it, and managed a designer that rebranded them.

Please reach out to me if you're interested in working with me, or even if you have questions about how a project like this should work because you've never done it before. I'll be very open and honest with you about this very difficult, but fun, process. Don't be surprised when I ask you what your budget is - I need to know this to understand if what you want is possible, not to try and trick you.